I find myself relating to the beast
and not the beauty

Ashamed of my past believing love
will never find me

Angry at the world not letting anyone
think they could fix me

I find myself up past midnight
talking to the mirror on the wall

Once upon a time un-shattered
now, broken pieces put back together

Fearing that when he looks at me
he will notice them all

All the missing pieces

Fearing that when he touches me
he will cut his fingers along my sharp edges

I ask you mirror on the wall
will love overcome them all?

All the cracks and empty spaces

Will I tell him apart from all
the unfaithful faces?

Will he be able to look at me
And not feel pity, but see more beauty?

Will I allow him to paint
my shattered pieces?

Let him make art with my reflection,
a vibrant mosaic?

Mirror on the wall can you tell
the rounding of my edges?

Can you see how I am embracing
all the shapes I am wearing?

The fairest of them all
is the one who could wear them all

Colorful and true
like a masterpiece, finally at peace

Accepting love
in its purest form

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