Roses at my doorstep

Arrived in a casket

Disguised as something apologetic

Should’ve kept them in your wallet


Buried roses by the dozens

Red petals perched on money stems

Velvet pistils shown up suicidal

Attached a wishful signed letter


Thorns carved broken promises

Each one making room for the next one

Forgive me again, space

I’m a changed man, space again


Truth ending at the cut of each stem

Rose pedals paddling

Each one the same, drowning

At the bottom of the vase


Foolish is the one to bear

The water for each one

Hopeful of the symbol

Of abiding love


All to wake up the next day

To find each one dead

No amount of water you gave

Could’ve changed their fate




A dozen cut roses buried

Lifeless served only one purpose

Compost in the ground

With them new life will sprout


Let the salt off your brow drip down

To the ground you stand on

Let the rain from your eyes

Feed the roots you stem from


Thorns carve a story on wise stems

From each beautiful root

Grounded, bending, not breaking in the wind

Never to trust roses cut at the stem

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