I look at the children

Radiant stumbling innocence

I think of the world they live in

Full of color, pain not yet existing


I felt the child I was stop breathing

I saw her heart flat line, no longer beating

I believed her reflection

Would never look back at me


Watching home videos loving the memories

She was the best version of me

So sweet and endearing

Believed in the good in everything


She was who I was before it all fucked up

She would dream with the stars

She looked up, I look back, we’re looking down

I pretend she still breaths just to keep her around




Flashbacks begin and start

Moonshine, all black, tears falling down

On her back looking up to the stars

Turned around face down, counting scars


So many faces hidden in the dark

Each one burning her skin

Puncturing her heart

Blood pouring out


Blacking out in slow motion

Images 30 frames per second

Drunk in their potion, leaving soulless

In the sun the next morning


What was taken from me

I could never give back to her

Anyway, I wake up each day

And that’s all I’m after


To the dark she is the night

Forever trapped in the moonlight

Unafraid of 3:38 counting the number

Of breaths until the day


She pulled the stabs out from behind me

It is taking time but they are healing

Nevertheless, when bare you will see

The points and the lines that are connecting


A constellation of scars

On my back like the night sky

Tragically beautiful her face looking up

Glowing connecting the picture of her life


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