My ride or die blood like my thighs
Thick as hell
Looking for someone to take
Control the wheel
Someone who can speed it up
Then hit it slow
A man to take care of this
Precious cargo

I don’t need a man to posts
Pics of me
Tell the world how much he
Loves me
Tweet at me
Tag me in things
You know those sweet pretends
That are trending

I need a man
A real commitment
A true connection
Ten percent plus a hundred
Stimulate me
Hype me up
Make me feel beautiful
Without all this make up

So sick of Drake singing Fake Love
Those #goals
That they speak of
Not trying to filter
What ain’t love
Represent me with integrity
Especially those lonely nights
Spent without me

I shouldn’t feel the need
To stay by your side
Day in and day out
Night after night
All to make sure that
You’re treating me right
Give me all the things that
Money can’t buy

Love, Respect, Trust, Support
C’mon that’s the shit that
You can afford
What I’m looking for can’t be
Bought at a store
Just build with me
Piece by piece
Wait patiently

It’s okay to put that
Trust on me
I got that dignity
I got that blood in me
It would just be for us
Let nothing defeat us
Come between us

Not dreaming of true love
‘Cause I want a real one
Not dreaming of true love
‘Cause I want that real love

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