Twenty Eleven

Coming into a world she only saw but in a sweet dream she dreamt once before.

All she knew was what life put at her fingertips; never having to reach and grab on her own.

All it took was one chance—one shot to get out of the coffee brown walls that barricaded her thoughts.

She searched for her voice and longed for more in life.

She would hide her feelings to the world but cried to me at night

—not tears of pain but those of frustration.

She woke up from her sleep and she knew it was time.

Time to move forward, time to move on.

A bird flew her to her dream high up in the sky.

She sat looked out as she chased the day and flew passed the night.

She walks the streets she dreamt and swims the oceans that hold her deepest secrets.

Wakes and rests in one of the most desirable destinations.

There she found new culture, new people and new places to be explore.

“So overwhelming…” she said. “So, this is my new home.”

Oh the joy, oh the excitement, she truly was living her long dreamt dream… all but missing one important thing.

She said that she could have everything but it made no difference if she had no one to share it with.

Family means the world to this girl, she told me many times before.

She went to bed thinking about all that she had said.

Thought of all the people she loved and had left.

The memories were just those… memories from the past.

She lingered through the present wondering about whats to come next.

She felt so alone and what puzzled me the most is although in Hawaii she felt so cold.

She would hide her feelings from the world but she cried to me most nights

—no longer those tears from before but more now full of sorrow.

“It’s so lonely here…” she would say. “I miss my home, my family and my bedroom walls.”

Silly this girl to say one thing and then another the day after.

I knew all along it wasn’t freedom she was after.

She pressed towards her dreams so foolish to cry.

She changed things around and is now happy inside.

She dwells no longer and walks through the streets of her long dreamt dream.

Once having felt deflated, now swollen with pride.

Now, I look myself in the mirror and miss that little girl; the one who wanted more, the one who cried so many nights on my pillow.

Those tears have dried and I cry no longer.

The things I wanted, I reached and no longer wander.

Only a fool will dare let them go and I am a fool no more.

You will grow, you will learn and you will adapt.

Those were some things I did a while back.

And I will need to do them again… lean back on myself and become someone outside looking in.

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